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Data Visualization

Mitä Ylen vaalikone kertoo sosiaalisen median käytöstä vuonna 2015?

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Yleisradio julkaisi kevään 2015 eduskuntavaalien vaalikoneen vastaukset avoimena datana. Vaalikoneen vastauksien lisäksi aineistossa on mukana ehdokkaiden antamia taustatietoja itsestään.

Sosiaalinen media on lyönyt itsensä läpi vuoden 2015 eduskuntavaaleissa. Kuinka paljon eduskuntavaaliehdokkaat käyttävät sosiaalista mediaa kampanjoissaan? Tarvitaanko perinteistä vaalibudjettia enää sosiaalisen median voimistuessa?

Tässä artikkelissa pyritään etsimään vastauksia näihin kysymyksiin analysoimalla ja visualisoimalla Yleisradion julkaisemaa vaalikoneaineistoa.


Advanced Analytics

Watson Ecosystem Explained

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IBM will publish a cookbook with the Institute of Culinary Education in April 2015. Cognitive Cooking with Chef Watson includes 65 recipes invented by ‘Chef Watson’.

This unsual cook was already introduced at SXSW festival in Austin in March 2014. The food was prepared by utilizing machine-invented recipes and put together by the same Chef Watson. IBM calls this “cognitive cooking”.

What cooking has to do with analytics at all? IBM released its analytics platform Watson Analytics in December 2014 as part of Watson ecosystem. This blog post takes a closer look at this much hyped ecosystem.



Review: ‘The Glass Cage: Automation and Us’ by Nicholas Carr


Am I the master of the machine, or its servant? Am I an actor in the world, or an observer? –Nicholas Carr

These thoughts were expressed by airplane pilots who command modern aircrafts with autopilots. Large proportion of aircraft accidents has recently been caused by human error. Most notable was the Air France Airbus A330 crash in the Atlantic May 31, 2009, with 228 passengers and a crew onboard.

This degeneration effect of human craft due to automation is a major theme in ‘The Glass Cage: Automation and Us’ by Nicholas Carr. (more…)

Internet of Things

Four Reasons Why Apple Watch Will Disrupt Existing Businesses

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Wired magazine in November 2014 had nine ads from watch makers like Rolex, Seiko and Swatch. These ads don’t look like they belong to this medium of high tech products Wired magazine represents.

So, why this big watch spectacle? The reason to publish these ads now is the upcoming release of Apple Watch early 2015.

Apple has an impressive track record for disrupting existing business models. Consider how iPod and iTunes changed music business. Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Motorola are no longer the giants they used to be. Apple’s iPad dominates tablet markets.

Do traditional and smart watch manufacturers have anything to fear? Here are four reasons why Apple Watch will disrupt not only watch business but a few other businesses as well. (more…)

Internet of Things, Privacy

Who Owns Your Personal Data in the Cloud?

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People in California abruptly woke up in the middle of the night August 24, 2014. The sudden wake-up was caused by a 6.0 magnitude earthquake.

Jawbone gave us a glimpse into the future after this earthquake. Jawbone quickly released aggregate sleeping pattern data collected from Jawbone UP24 users living in the affected areas. The graph shows that sleep was interrupted at the precise time of the earthquake and people woke up at the same moment. (more…)